Because They’re All Blue States™

In current parlance, the term “liberal” has become a pejorative.  Liberalism has been falsely equated with collectivization at home and weakness abroad.  Liberals are portrayed as “bleeding hearts”, out of touch with the mainstream, lost in fantasy, incapable of getting things done.

In truth, liberal ideals are American ideals.  From its birth, our Nation’s success, prosperity and well-being have been secured by implementing liberal principles.  When others have wished to hold us back, it’s been Liberals who’ve had the courage, tenacity and vision to move us forward and make us better and stronger.

Liberalism on the Run

Given all the right wing blather these days, it might come as a surprise to learn that most Americans agree with liberal principles.  Yet poll after poll reveals that overwhelming majorities of Americans favor:

  • Universal healthcare with a public option;
  • Addressing deficits not by cutting programs, rather by restoring tax levels on the very rich;
  • Keeping Social Security healthy & intact;
  • Ending the needless wars in Iraq & Afghanistan;
  • Protecting women’s choice;
  • Maintaining separation of church & state;
  • Moving to energy independence through renewable sources;
  • Election reform and campaign finance limits;
  • Strengthening regulations that protect us from the rapacious greed and misdeeds of banks & corporations.

While the talking heads try to convince us the country is turning red, the American people are telling us that in fact, they’re all blue states.

Why then, is Liberalism on the run?  In large part because its traditional standard-bearer, the Democratic Party, has gone astray in both words and in deeds.  An impostor Democrat in the White House has thrown open the gates of our free, egalitarian society and allowed the corporate brigands to sack and pillage our nation.  The wishes and principles of the majority of Americans are being ignored.

A True Liberal Nation™

Enough of that.  Today we announce the inception of True Liberal Nation™.  A nationwide advocacy group, True Liberal Nation will:

  1. Combat the defamation of liberalism, and fairly present the true liberal principles espoused by most Americans;
  2. Urge the Democratic Party to return to its principles and to nominate candidates that support true liberal principles;
  3. Endorse, support and vote for only true liberal candidates, regardless of party affiliation;
  4. Support third party candidates, or field candidates of our own when required.

This is not an astroturfed movement. It’s not even grassroots.  True Liberal Nation is more a “grass seed” movement — germs of ideas and actions with you providing the watering to see them grow.   We announce two action items today, both to deal with our most urgent task, replacing ASAP that corporatist whore in the White House with a competent true liberal.  They are simple and fun to participate in, so please do take part in them.

Take a look here at the other initiatives, campaigns and action items planned by True Liberal Nation.  Then contact us today at and let us know how you can join in.

Now’s the time to get America headed forwards again, and we’re the ones who need to do it.

(c) 2011 by True Liberal Nexus.  All rights reserved.

6 Responses to Because They’re All Blue States™

  1. JWS says:

    These 3 recent posts have put a spring in my step.

  2. FembotsForObama says:

    What I’ve noticed is that as a growing swell of progressives culminating in the Whole Foods Nation (those who elites who claim to only buy their groceries from there and consider anyone who doesn’t to be generally a loser and as anti-environment and all such nonsense) has made most liberals shiver.
    This is a perfect opportunity to reclaim the meaning of “liberal.”

    However, there is a growing choir of voices saying that Hillary would be the same. Especially with regards to Obama’s tacking to the right as evidenced of late in his SOTU campaign speech, we have to provide an effective counter to this. And indeed, even the economist on John’s radio show made the point that it took Dems, WCJ and Gore, to sell us on NAFTA and GATT, and Hillary would also tack to the right to appeal to moderates. However, the one thing that is missing in the discussion about Hillary’s pro-TARP stance were here efforts to provide mortgage relief and a freeze on rates before Obama was elected. Perhaps a laundry list of Obama’s campaign promises (all failed) vs. Hillary’s, a Myth vs. Reality, tab on your site would be helpful.

    Also, we would need to utilize social networking sites (i.e., Facebook) to let people know drafting Hillary is a real possibility. Of course, that would require more moderators of the discussion.

    All in all, I’m in, and my political activism has been simmering since I’ve put it on the back burner after the election.

    just my two cents

  3. FembotsForObama says:

    One other point … can we incorporate Marc Rubin into this?

    • tamerlane says:

      I first got to know Marc when we both worked on JSND. That org was a disaster, despite the many smart, talented & experienced people involved. Marc is ridiculously smart, talented & experienced, and we’d love to have him involved in True Liberal Nation.

  4. tamerlane says:

    There are fake liberals (“Fiberals”?) to the left as well. One big issue I have with the progs is their tactic of aggressive protest to force the rest of the country to follow their ideals. When that inevitably backfires, they start talking about “educating” people– which usually amounts to browbeating.

    Hillary is not perfect. But Hillary already is a “moderate”, already appeals to moderates, so no need to “tack right” from her existing positions. She also knows how to get things done. If I recall correctly, her HC proposal did include required participation, and was not single payer, but it also was a comprehensive healthcare program. She also said she’d phase it in a little at a time, sending the slam dunk portions (like expanding care for children) to Congress first.

    BO, of course, ran to the left of Hillary, and is now governing to the right of her. Sounds like you’re volunteering for the “Promise Breaker” action item?

    Facebook is a must. I need help setting that up, too.

  5. Cyn says:

    I just took a look at your link for other initiatives, campaigns and action and I am speechless at all of the work you have done and the thought have put into your suggestions. I feel my blood beginning to bubble. This is a great plan and I bet Mark Rubin will be interested. Does anyone know if he is still on contact with Heidi Li Feldman? The two of them were instrumental in promoting Hillary in 2008.

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