Blood on Your Hands

January 10, 2011

On January 8, 2011, one Jared Loughner attempted to assassinate Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords as she met constituents outside a supermarket.  Loughner shot Giffords in the head, grievously wounding her.  With his newly-purchased “assault weapon” (aka, “machine gun”) Loughner also wounded twelve others and killed six, including a nine year-old girl, who’d come to the event to learn more about how American politics worked.

Was Loughner mentally deranged? Most definitely.  Was there a particular political philosophy behind his rampage?  Apparently none, other than a pervasive distrust & hatred of the government.  Did his actions occur in an atmosphere of hatred against the government, of thinly-veiled threats of violence against political opponents?  Affirmative.

Who are the chief perpetrators of this atmosphere of rage and gun-based violence?  Call them the Tea Party, call them the Far Right, call them FOX News.  Giffords hadn’t even left the O.R. before these hate-mongers, this Gun Club, were already spinning the story, claiming their innocence.  But they cannot wash their hands of their complicity.   In no uncertain terms, they called for blood. They got blood.  If they are not stopped, there will be more blood.

Sarah Palin
, you declared yourself a “hunter of liberals.”  You urged people to “reload”, then identified their targets — your political opponents — with the crosshairs of a gunsight.  You glorify the culture of the gun and of killing.  Sarah Palin, there is blood on your hands.

Jesse Kelly, you posed in combat gear, and urged your supporters to “target” your opponent, Gabrielle Giffords.  “Come shoot an assault weapon with me,” you said, “and help remove Gabrielle Giffords from office.”  Jesse Kelly, there is blood on your hands.

Sharron Angle, you urged your followers to resist legislation they do not like with “Second Amendment remedies.”  Sharron Angle, there is blood on your hands.

Michelle Bachmann, you announced: “I want people armed and dangerous” to block legislation you oppose.  Michelle Bachmann, there is blood on your hands.

Glenn Beck, you, too, declared yourself a “hunter of liberals.”  Anyone who disagrees with your political views you label a “nazi”, a “traitor”, an “enemy of the state.”   You encourage your viewers to prepare for, and then bring about, the overthrow of the government.  Glenn Beck, you sick little fuck, there is blood on your hands.

The bloody harvest of your words has just begun:

1. Gabriel Zimmerman

2. Dorwin Stoddard

3. Dorthy Murray

4. Phyllis Scheck

5. John Roll

6. Christina Greene

7. ???

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