The traditional champion of liberal ideals in America, the Democratic Party, is currently adrift, rudderless, without a helmsman and headed for the shores of political ruin.  True liberalism has been betrayed through a combination of negligence and outright deception.

Now is the time for all true liberals to do their duty, to rescue the liberal cause and to fight for its ideals.

To do so, we must move beyond the old avenues of connection, the political party, and form a new nexus to exchange ideas, formulate policy, and plan action.

As the patriots of the American Revolution did with their Committees of Correspondence, we modern revolutionaries will use the internet to transform our nation.

True Liberal Nexus is the new home for, and we are the new champions of, the liberal ideals that made America great, and can restore it to greatness.

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  1. Carolyn Kay says:

    Great idea. You might want to let people know that the link for the RSS feed is

    And how do I post?

    Carolyn Kay

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