BP Must Die

June 23, 2010

— If an auto mechanic, to cut costs, intentionally installed defective brakes in a car, and the driver & passengers later died in a crash, would you let that mechanic investigate the accident scene?

— If a mother & father had their children repeatedly detained for abuse and neglect, would you allow them to be foster parents?

— If your neighbor callously let antifreeze drain onto the sidewalk, and your pet drank it and died, would a simple apology do?

BP, an incorporated entity, is happy to be treated as a person for the purposes of taxation and campaign contributions.  It’s time BP be treated as the sick, psychopathic and extremely dangerous individual it truly is.

One dead pelican: $25,000. Getting away with murder: priceless.


– Has a record of rampant safety violations, the worst in a bad industry;

– Knew it had no way to stop a leak if one of its Deepwater wells blew;

– Released a strategy plan lifted verbatim from Exxon’s useless Alaska plan.  BP didn’t even care that the plan mentions walruses;

– Lied repeatedly about every detail of the spill, and continues to lie;

– CEO Tony Hayward parties on his 52′ yacht while endangered animals die by the thousands, and millions of peoples lives are ruined;

– Has assured its investors that it will pay no more than $6 billion in damages;

– Is burning sea turtles alive at sea, thus saving $25,000 per turtle in EPA fines.

Lethal injection, electric chair, firing squad – that’s how we kill a person who is a psychopathic murderer.  And the punishment for the individual perps, from Hayward on down, must be severe.   But the way to put a corporation to death is to seize its assets, and revoke its charter.   The seizure’s easy to do — the president could simply issue an executive order.  Since BP has openly said it doesn’t intend to pay for more than a tiny fraction off the havoc it had wreaked, only a fool would forego seizing its assets ASAP.   And then BP must die:  revoke its charter, hand over its operations permanently to the government.

Good riddance.

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BP is Burning Sea Turtles Alive

June 22, 2010

In an effort to make its spill look less horrific, BP is setting fire to surface oil which has been cordoned off by shrimp boats carrying booms.

Tony Hayward, serial killer

Ongoing efforts to rescue endangered sea turtles trapped in the oil were shut down by BP as it interfered with the burns.  The captain of one of the rescue boats explains in an interview how BP ran him off, forcing him to leave numerous turtles trapped inside the burn cordon.

The Endangered Species Act metes out stiff criminal penalties, including imprisonment and $25,000 per death, to anyone responsible for killing a member of an endangered species.

Rescuers are putting on ice every animal they find killed by the oil.  So BP can actually save money by roasting the turtles at sea, instead of risking a rescued turtle might later die.

If you discovered someone setting the neighbor’s dog or cat on fire, and assuming you did not bash in their skull on the spot, what sort of punishment would that sick monster deserve?

In an earlier era, BP’s assets would have been seized, its leaders imprisoned — or tarred & feathered by the mob.   America has grown soft and weak, doped out on SOMA.  All we can do about this nightmare, it seems, is grumble under our breaths.

BP is a sociopathic entity; its executives & management are twisted murderers.   Their punishment must be swift, it must be ruthless, it must be complete.  If obama continues to aid & abet their killing spree, he must be impeached.

(h/t littleisis)

Affirmative Inaction

June 14, 2010

– by ‘tamerlane’

From Jonathan Capehart of the Washington Post, the latest excuse for our Fraud-in-Chief’s ineptitude:

African American men are taught at very young ages (or learn the hard way) to keep our emotions in check, to not lose our cool, lest we be perceived as dangerous or menacing or give someone a reason to doubt our ability to handle our jobs.

Poor obama — he daren’t show his emotions.  Like some stoic hero from an Alan Paton novel, Barack the Silent must fight his lonely crusade while hiding his true pathos behind an inscrutable mask.  A burden imposed on every black male in America whenever a Boston Police responds to a disturbance, a Lunch Lady breaks up a school fight, or an NFL ref calls a penalty for flagrant end-zone celebration.

The mystery is now solved. BO’s curious detachment, his seeming insensitivity to the suffering of others, is actually a noble trait.

That’s a relief!  Cuz it would totally suck if in actuality we’d elected someone who is utterly incompetent, has zero leadership qualities, and is saddled with some serious attachment issues & other psychological flaws, stemming from his fucked-up childhood, to boot.

Jonathan, step away from the kool-aid!  You voted for him simply because he was part black.  That was the only qualification you needed, and that was the only one you got. Not only are you a racist, you’re too big of a fool to realize that once you’ve dug yourself into a hole, you need to stop digging.  STFU already.

(c) 2010 by ‘tamerlane.’  All rights reserved.