Trash Talk

Democrats are slowly waking up to the fact that the dope in the White House is not their ally, much less their leader.

AP reports today that House Dems publicly and wisely “trashed” Obama’s proposal to give businesses a $5,000 tax credit for each job they create, noting that:

1) businesses can’t hire people if there’s no work for them to do;

2) the credit will reward companies that laid off workers and can now rehire,while stiffing employers who struggled to keep their workers.

They could have also mentioned that:

3) companies flush enough to hire now don’t need the $5,000;

4) $5,000 is not enough to induce a new hire when times are tough.

What nobody seems willing to say out loud is:

5) Not only is this particular idea dumb, it’s not even part of a bigger plan, because

6) There is no plan.

The hiring credit is yet another example of Timmy Geithner sticking his thumb in his ass, pulling out a plum and saying ‘what a clever boy am I!’   And the cacophony to rid Obama of Geithner and his other terrible advisors and handlers has risen another few decibels.

But don’t we elect a president to lead, not to be led?   The Hopeless One has zero leadership qualities.  Nor does he have any concept of the big picture, no comprehensive strategy, no inspiration.  Obama’s no leader; he just plays one on television.

Talking trash is a good start, but Democrats will be sorely disappointed if they expect Obama to heed their chiding.   From now on, they need to treat him as the opposition.  Or they could replace him.

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2 Responses to Trash Talk

  1. Fionnchú says:

    Glad to hear this has been dumped. The incentive proposed by Obama’s ridiculous for precisely the reasons enumerated. Can’t add much more: you said it.

  2. Horse70 says:

    Good post. Right on the money.

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