Killing Ourselves Softly

The CDC has a stunning and ominous slideshow depicting the spread of obesity across America over the past 25 years.

Childhood obesity in the US has more than tripled in the past thirty years, becoming a veritable epidemic leading to a litany of diseases and ailments.  Blame it on video games, junk food, or minivan limousine service, but we are steadily killing ourselves softly with soft-serve ice cream.

It’s ironic that a culture which deifies anorexia in our actresses and models churns out masses of corpulent citizens.  We need to eat more sensibly, embrace the slow food ethos, and achieve a “happy middle.”

2 Responses to Killing Ourselves Softly

  1. Jay Floyd says:

    One good viewing of FOOD INC. should do the trick. Haven’t eaten the same way since.

  2. John Smart says:

    Yup. Food inc. will change ones life.

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