Another Democrat Candidate Loses A True Liberal’s Vote

Chris Kelly is running for Attorney General of California.  Recently he contacted tamerlane (aka, “Ima Puma”).   Tamerlane/Ima replied.

Hi Chris,

I’m a social liberal and registered independent who’ll be voting in the upcoming Democratic state primary.  And I won’t be voting for you.

You started with as good a chance as the other half-dozen AG candidates I knew nothing about, until you sent me an email entitled, “Don’t Sue President Obama”.  In it, you waxed rapturous about the “landmark” health care reform bill.

Except that bill had scant “reform” in it, and nothing to do with health “care”.

You also lied.  You wrote, “I was there when [Bill & Hillary Clinton] worked hard to achieve [universal health care] but fell short of the finish line.  Well, yesterday, President Barack Obama and Congressional Democrats took us across that finish line…”

… the ‘finish line’ of universal health care?   As my fellow ranchers often say, I may have been born at night, but it wasn’t *last* night!  That bill is a steaming turd, a sell-out to the insurance lobby, and an insult to the 3/4 of Americans who were crying out for universal, single payer health care.

Chris, you seem like a decent guy, and somebody I’d eagerly support under normal circumstances.  But if you want to hitch your wagon to the biggest fraud in the White House since Andrew Johnson, do so at your own peril.   Because of your blind devotion to obama, I won’t be voting for you, not in the primary, and not in the general.

Think about it.  And feel free to contact me to discuss.


— Ima

3 Responses to Another Democrat Candidate Loses A True Liberal’s Vote

  1. Jay Floyd says:

    Ima too, Ima. HERE HERE!

  2. Kara says:

    Hey Tamerlane,

    Please blog more.

    Just another parasitic reader/admirer,


    (Seriously, I enjoy your comments and posts…and your ideals. Blog more!!! :)

  3. tamerlane says:

    Thanks so much Kara! That means a lot coming from you. I’d surely blog more if I wasn’t spread so thin already (or if I got paid for it!)

    TLN will be featuring some other writers in the near future, and I intend on making TLN more than just your standard “kvetch” blog — I envision it as a broader communication & organizing tool for true liberals.

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