BP Must Die

— If an auto mechanic, to cut costs, intentionally installed defective brakes in a car, and the driver & passengers later died in a crash, would you let that mechanic investigate the accident scene?

— If a mother & father had their children repeatedly detained for abuse and neglect, would you allow them to be foster parents?

— If your neighbor callously let antifreeze drain onto the sidewalk, and your pet drank it and died, would a simple apology do?

BP, an incorporated entity, is happy to be treated as a person for the purposes of taxation and campaign contributions.  It’s time BP be treated as the sick, psychopathic and extremely dangerous individual it truly is.

One dead pelican: $25,000. Getting away with murder: priceless.


– Has a record of rampant safety violations, the worst in a bad industry;

– Knew it had no way to stop a leak if one of its Deepwater wells blew;

– Released a strategy plan lifted verbatim from Exxon’s useless Alaska plan.  BP didn’t even care that the plan mentions walruses;

– Lied repeatedly about every detail of the spill, and continues to lie;

– CEO Tony Hayward parties on his 52′ yacht while endangered animals die by the thousands, and millions of peoples lives are ruined;

– Has assured its investors that it will pay no more than $6 billion in damages;

– Is burning sea turtles alive at sea, thus saving $25,000 per turtle in EPA fines.

Lethal injection, electric chair, firing squad – that’s how we kill a person who is a psychopathic murderer.  And the punishment for the individual perps, from Hayward on down, must be severe.   But the way to put a corporation to death is to seize its assets, and revoke its charter.   The seizure’s easy to do — the president could simply issue an executive order.  Since BP has openly said it doesn’t intend to pay for more than a tiny fraction off the havoc it had wreaked, only a fool would forego seizing its assets ASAP.   And then BP must die:  revoke its charter, hand over its operations permanently to the government.

Good riddance.

(c) 2010 by ‘tamerlane.;  All rights reserved.

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