Why the #Occupy Movement Will Fail

Occupy Wall Street ______ County

Notes/Decisions from the Oct 16th planning Meeting

[Editor’s note:  this is a digest of the actual meeting minutes posted by the local Occupy group in tamerlane’s neck of the woods.]

Hello All, thanks to those who came out to the meeting yesterday.  I made a big mistake in not getting everyone to signup for the mailing list


1) The Next Rally

  • Everyone should be involved with printing and handing out the flyer

  • Rally to be organized organically
  • Peacekeepers Lorianne, Pamela, Guari, Mia, Heather will help move the flow of people
  • The Plaza will have musicians and speakers organized on the fly for those that want to step up. I didnt consense on this but i think Jefferey’s small amp is fine
  • The sign crew should get cardboard, more tables, and sticks (I think it was heather that said she has sticks too)

  • People should organize carpools… then drive one car in.

2) The Rally After That

  • Other than the time and place, no logistics are planned.

3) Continued Movement

  • The group agreed to attempt to keep visibility and movement, nothing has been planned.

4) Working Groups, Roles

  • Outreach to Latinos*: Jeffrey    [* 8% of county population]

  • Music: Jeffrey, Lorianne, Janie

  • Non-Violence Training Coordinators: Joe and Pamela

  • Goals: ??

5) Other Possible Actions to support

  • Possible support of Michael Moore talk
  • Nov 9th, End corporate person hood (talk?) need more info…

  • Halloween OWS themed costumes

  • Oct 28, 29 (Cant remember name now…alternatives to violence?) workshop, Gauri had details

6) Resources to be shared on website

  • Guidelines for dealing with law enforcement
  • Non-Violent theory and guidelines

If you know of a good online source for info on any of these, please send them to me

7) Political Action items brought up

  • we had no consensus

6 ) [again] Next Planning Meeting

  • If it rains we will need to find a new location and leave a sign at the bandshell.  

Also lets have another facilitator other than me.

[Ya think?]

4 Responses to Why the #Occupy Movement Will Fail

  1. Fionnchú says:

    When satire mirrors reality, TL, it’s either on target or sadly indicative of reality’s failure! Down to the punctuation, the tone, and the agenda, this rings true. Unfortunately I have seen one instance of Jeffrey so rendered, but who’s Guari? I guess it’s a name representative of one of our indigenous nations. Three links below sum up the progressive front’s “organic logistics,” or their savvy in outwitting the powers that be, We’ll see. Meanwhile, I note via FB today that Occupy Montana has set up base in Kalispell.

    Cf. Mary Elizabeth King’s “consense” inclusion: As I see it, the issue for OWS is not “one demand,” as many have urged, but to make it possible to communicate with ingenuity and expressive potency the many grievances, needs, and perceived outrages that are encircled within the circumference of the overall campaign.

    http://www.nationofchange.org/10-ways-support-occupy-movement-1318778648 (note #7: “Name the meaning of this movement”)

    http://www.nationofchange.org/occupy-chicago-clarifies-its-mission-1318866863 (More seriously–is this a viable list of demands you and those at TLS might agree on? After all, we’ve been waiting for the ‘bots to shake off their shackles. Or at least rattle their jewelry.)

  2. Fionnchú says:

    Un-f’in believable. I thought you tweaked or invented it (complete with note as “found object”) it for comic effect. Explains monikers, at least. Is Rough & Ready’s living up to its secessionist legacy, if not the lakefront estates of Penn Valley? More patriotic (place)names than “Guari,” “Heather,” and “Jefferey.” Leave a sign at the bandshell and head for the hills in your neck of the woods.

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