unworker 8.3%. month unplus 0.2%

say min tru word worker

min work say unworker 8.3%.  month unplus 0.2%.  4 month unplus unworker.  Barack Brother plus leadering make plus work.  BB doubl plus good.  bush unworker 8.5% BB unworker 8.3%.  bush leadering doubl plus ungood.

BB plus leadering make month plus 243000 worker.  plus 10000 metaldig  plus 33000 foodgiv  plus 9700 foodgro  plus 31000 healthgiv  plus 8000 carmake.

Ingsoc population plus 1510000. worker part population unplus 0.3%.  unworker unplus 0.2%   BB plus leadering make unplus unworker 0.2%

plus work.  plus make.  plus unfat new prol.  win war iraq.  win war afghan.  win futur.  prol doubl plus luv BB.  BB watch you.

(c) 2012 by True Liberal Nexus.  All rights reserved.

2 Responses to unworker 8.3%. month unplus 0.2%

  1. Fionnchú says:

    How did you know? Your 72″ plasma telescreen must be working well. I finished on my commute to pluswork Simon Prebble’s fine audiobook reading of “1984” yesterday, and then I viewed last night the film made April-June ’84, the timespan of the novel. I had not read it since high school, and I found myself intrigued far more now by Goldstein’s model of the equatorial equilateral fought over by the three powers as well as the unforgettable, harrowing details that both film and novel illustrate so intelligently and presciently.

    Any recommendations on a biography of its maker or a study of how we edge to “prolefeed” and B(HO)B welcome; I note the Big Game SuperBowl (TM) LoveHateWeek Airstrip Two rally stirs up many outside the Party.(Of course, I assume you’re a Pats fan.)

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