Elizabeth Warren’s Lies Catching Up With Her

Elizabeth Warren, Democrat candidate for Senate in Massachusetts, can’t shake free of unflattering revelations from her past.  First to be exposed was her unverified claim to be a Cherokee, which upset actual Cherokees and raised ethical questions.  Then came accusations from fellow academics that Warren had fudged data for a book, followed by the discovery that the former mortgage fraud czarina had herself made a tidy profit flipping foreclosed homes.  Now comes the shocking news that, not only did Warren represent a string of big businesses in cases against workers, she seems to have been practicing law for over a decade without a license.

Family Lore vs. Hard Evidence

The first setback to Warren’s maiden election campaign came in April, when it was revealed that she’d publicly listed herself for years as a “Person of Color”, specifically, a Cherokee. (See earlier post for details.)   Despite Warren’s insistence that the Cherokee controversy has been “put to rest” it keeps dogging her, partly because her opponent, Scott Brown, has made it a question of her character, partly because of Warren’s own bizarre compulsion to keep raising the subject.

Brown hit Warren on her false Cherokee claim in the first question of their first debate.  Warren insisted Harvard’s decision to hire her had nothing to do with her claim to minority status, yet refused to comply with Brown’s request for her to release her Harvard paperwork.   Brown and the debate moderator then moved on to other issues, but a few minutes later Warren felt the need to retell the thoroughly-debunked fable of her family’s claims to Cherokee and Delaware ancestry.

Not content to leave it be, Warren released a TV ad insisting yet again that the family lore she heard as child makes it OK for her to call herself a Native American.   This subject is not a winner for Warren, as: 1) exhaustive research by the Cherokee genealogist, Twila Barnes, has proven conclusively that Warren has zero native american ancestry;  2) even had Warren’s claim to 1/32 Cherokee blood been true, under federal law, that was not sufficient for her to claim minority status as a native american.

Underdog Champion or Hired Gun?

Warren’s claim to fame, which made her the darling of proglodytes, is as a champion of the underdog against avaricious corporations.  In the debate, Brown cast doubt on this image when he questioned Warren’s decision to represent Travelers Insurance in its 2009 attempt to avoid paying compensation to thousands of workers with asbestos poisoning.  Warren insisted that by representing Travelers (“it was an insurance company versus another insurance company” she later explained), she actually helped the poisoned workers by getting Travelers to set up a trust fund, which was better than nothing.  The settlement was later negated by the Supreme Court, leaving the victims with nothing.

Less clear is how Warren was aiding the downtrodden when she represented LTV Steel in 1995, when they attempted to renege on health & pension benefits to thousands of retired coal miners.

Warren has also served, in an advisory or litigating capacity, the following clients in their attempts to use Chapter 11 legalities to avoid liabilities for asbestos poisoning:

  • Kaiser Aluminum
  • Dow Chemical
  • Johns Manville
  • National Gypsum
  • Fuller Austin
  • Fairchild Aviation
  • Piper Aircraft
  • Babcock & Wilcox Company
  • Pittsburgh Coming Corporation
  • Owens Coming Corporation
  • Armstrong World Industries, Inc.
  • W.R. Grace & Company
  • G-1 Holdings, Inc.
  • United States Gypsum Corporation
  • Federal-Mogul Global, Inc.
  • North American Refractories Company

Unlicensed Practice of the Law

All this scrutiny into Warren’s legal work (conducted primarily by the blog Legal Insurrection) has uncovered a potentially devastating blow to Warren’s Senate aspirations.  It now seems certain that Warren has been practicing law for years in Massachusetts without a license.  That’s a felony.

Warren admits she’s never passed the Mass. bar,  but insists it doesn’t matter as:  1) She’s never really practiced law in Mass, just “dabbled” a bit;  2) She maintains no law office in the state;  3) She’s never appeared in a Mass. court regarding Mass. law;  4) She’s a member of the TX and NJ bars.   All four statements are lies.

Warren has engaged in continuous practice

The long list of clients above, most from 2002 and discovered by chance, belie Warren’s claim of “dabbling.” Warren refuses to release a comprehensive list of clients, but her annual tax returns list six-figure earnings from legal work.

Warren has maintained a permanent law office

Warren insists she has no law office in Massachusetts.  Yet in amicus briefs to the Supreme Court, and in numerous other cases over the past decade where she was listed “of counsel”, Warren gave her Harvard address as the location of her law practice.  On her Texas bar file, she also lists Cambridge, MA, as the location of her practice.

Clearly, Warren’s lawyerly endeavors meets the State’s criteria of someone who “establish[es] an office or other systematic and continuous presence in this jurisdiction for the practice of law,” and who “hold[s] out to the public or otherwise represent that the lawyer is admitted to practice law in this jurisdiction.”

Warren practiced law in Massachusetts

Legal Insurrection has uncovered Cadle Company v. Schlictmann, a 2007 appeal before in the First Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston, involving a state lien law. Both plaintiff and defendant were from Massachusetts. Warren represented the defendant.

Warren held no active state bar memberships

In 2003, Warren affirmed to the Supreme Court that “I am a member of the bar of the States of Texas and New Jersey.”  Warren also listed her Texas and New Jersey bar memberships in a 2008 CV.

Trouble is, Warren’s Texas bar membership lapsed in 1992. Texas lists Warren as “inactive” and not permitted to practice law.   On September 11, 2012, Warren suddenly resigned from the New Jersey bar, effectively blocking searches into when her membership was last active. Warren claimed she was too busy with the campaign to keep up with the continuing education requirements, even though the NJ bar extends magnanimous waivers and extensions.

Surpisingly, in a recent radio interview, Warren laughingly revealed “I’ve been inactive in the New Jersey bar for a very, very long time.”  That’s two “very’s” and a “long”, which probably takes us back before 2002, when Warren represented at least ten clients in court, and submitted an amicus to the Supreme Court. Certainly 2009’s Travelers v. Bailey wasn’t “very, very long ago” at all.

That’s known as Unlicensed Practice of the Law, and the State of Massachusetts take a dim view of it:

“Whoever has been so removed and continues thereafter to practice law or to receive any fee for his services as an attorney at law rendered after such removal, or who holds himself out, or who represents or advertises himself as an attorney or counsellor at law, or whoever, not having been lawfully admitted to practice as an attorney at law, represents himself to be an attorney or counsellor at law, or to be lawfully qualified to practice in the courts of the commonwealth, by means of a sign, business card, letter head or otherwise, … shall be punished for a first offence by a fine of not more than one hundred dollars or by imprisonment for not more than six months, and for a subsequent offence by a fine of not more than five hundred dollars or by imprisonment for not more than one year.”



We now have compelling and damning evidence that Elizabeth Warren is an hypocrite, a compulsive liar, a cheat, an impostor, a perjurer, and a felon.  In an earlier age, a person of Warren’s low character would have been labeled a ‘scoundrel.’  Today, she’s called a ‘progressive hero.’

But hey — Warren gave a speech on youtube that thrilled the proglodytes (they do love their demagoguery!)  So the Dem Machine in Chicago tapped her for the Mass. Senate race.  Like obama before her, the Dems didn’t give a hoot about a proper vetting.  And now, like with obama, the Dems reflexively defend their candidate, Warren, for truly indefensible conduct.

Elizabeth Warren is unfit to hold office.  (If justice be served, she’ll soon trade that hideous red blazer for an orange jumpsuit.)  No true liberal in Massachusetts, who values honesty and integrity, can vote for Warren with a clear conscience.  They must cast their ballot for either Socialist Laura Garza, independent Bill Cimbrilo, or, (gasp) Scott Brown.

And vote for Jill Stein for president.

Note: This article is greatly indebted to the findings presented by Legal Insurrection.

(c) 2012 by True Liberal Nexus.  All rights reserved.

11 Responses to Elizabeth Warren’s Lies Catching Up With Her

  1. Sally says:

    What is your response to Wonkette’s explanation?

    • tamerlane says:

      I pay absolutely no attention to wonkette, as she’s a shit-for-brains obot droog with nothing of substance to offer beyond snarks.

      • littleisis says:

        I like Wonkette, she’s hilarious and so are her commenters. But as for this whole Elizabeth Warren thing-ok, I hear you Tam. I don’t live in Mass but my Aunt does. I’m going to get her opinion on this too.

    • Tim Crutchfield says:

      I happen to be Cherokee. This is documented. She is no Native American. A true Native American would not support the Democrat party, or has she conveniently forgotten what Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren did to the Cherokee?

      • Well see now you lost all credibility because an actual true native american should know the ideals and principles of the political parties in the time of Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren in effect switched sides. Research Southern Strategy. The Dems of that time period are the Republicans of today and vice versa. You shouldve known this.

  2. conner43 says:

    Gosh Tamer, I knew she was bad, but not THAT bad..
    She has a lot in common with O, two folks who lie about who they are, lead thoroughly dishonorable lives, and dance all the way to the bank
    They are always the Stars of their own Movie, their greatest talent is their bluffing ability.

  3. tamerlane says:

    Blow Me
    IP: c-76-17-93-117.hsd1.ga.comcast.net
E-mail: fuckyou@gofuckyourself.net


    I just stumbled across this blog. You’re supposed to be liberal, but you’re quoting from Legal Insurrection?
    Cut the shit. This isn’t a liberal blog at all, is it? This is a right-winger disguising his or herself as a hard left-winger in order to sap votes and depress turnout for the Democrats. You’re an idiot if you think you’re fooling anyone.

    Blow Me, you make several logical errors.

    First, you commit a genetic fallacy by rejecting the information presented here, simply because its source is a conservative. Unlike proglodytes, I am not afraid to read the words of those on other parts of the political spectrum.

    In the past, I’ve quoted the likes of Glenn Greenwald, Alexander Hamilton, and Cheryl Crow, all who I suspect meet your approval. I’ve also cited both the Cato Institute and the ACLU, on the same subject … and both orgs agreed on that particular subject. per your reasoning, the Cato argument was “shit”, while the exact same argument coming from the ACLU is true.

    Second, you declare I am ‘no true scotsman liberal’ because I dare criticize a particular Dem candidate, Warren. Had you read my previous post, you’d have found me advocating a WPA-style jobs program. By traveling farther back, you could read my shredding of the Tea Party, my condemnation of the Afghanistan war, or my indictment of Cheney and Rice for treason on 9/11.

    Finally, you conflate liberalism with the Democratic Party. My definition of “liberal” does not include any of the following:
    * illegal wars
    * the murder of civilians
    * assassinations of US citizens
    * rule by presidential fiat
    * revoking the right of habeas corpus
    * warrantless wiretaps
    * banning free assembly
    * punishing whistle-blowers
    * kickbacks to campaign donors
    * coddling the plutocracy

    all positions, deeds and crimes heartily embraced by the Dems.

    You did suss me out on one thing, Blow Me. I am trying to “sap votes” from the Dems this year, and every year, until that worthless, perverted Party is as dead as the Whigs. I sure hope voter turn-out is “depressed” for Dems, because voting for corrupt candidates like Warren and obama is a truly depressing proposition for a liberal.

    • Tamerlane, Excellent write up. Enjoyed every part of your editorial. Keep them coming. I don’t care if you are a Democrat, Republican or independent. But, if they are going to sit in congress or senate you should have to be honest. for that matter any government position. It is because of good people like you putting out the truth that keeps us informed and I thank you.

  4. juliano66 says:

    Thanks for the information on Warren. She certainly vibes wrong on all counts. At best she’s a thin blood wanna-be, the kind of white person constantly making a huge deal out of very scanty Indigenous heritage. She’s got the complexion of protection and anti labor to boot. No Pocahontas that I can see, just another corrupt politico trying to play the race card that she’s never possessed.

  5. gene says:

    The government’s climate warming contingent should divert funds to the study of the morality of bovines, and compare the result to the morality of Lizzy Warren. They should both register zero. I got an “A” in statistics in college, so mine is a pretty good guess. Want to save money anytime you need to vomit? Look at a photo of Lizzy, and you get to save dough on Ipecac Syrup.

  6. David C. says:

    Great reading and interesting to say the least. I also read all the comments and found that to be fascinating. I enjoyed the comments and agree with most. I really am wondering why these people are not prosecuted. and in jail. Why is it politicians are never held accountable?

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