Biden’s First Week in Office

Day 1: Signs executive order requiring all Americans to wear face masks at all times; all Trump voters required to wear orange stars at all times.

Day 2:  Grants every illegal alien citizenship, free health care, and registration as a Democrat.

Day 3:  Orders anyone who questions the fairness of the 2020 election arrested as a domestic terrorist.

Day 4:  Bans all firearms without a device that automatically aims for the leg.

Day 5:  To combat global warming, orders all remaining US industry relocated to China.

Day 6:  Instructs Congress to admit DC & Puerto Rico as states, force Texas to secede.

Day 7:  Kamala Harris walks into the Oval office and says, “Hey Joe, what an amazing four years! Are you ready to retire now?”  Biden replies, “Wow, Beau — that went by fast.”

(c) 2021 by True Liberal Nexus. All rights reserved.

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