Affirmative Inaction

June 14, 2010

– by ‘tamerlane’

From Jonathan Capehart of the Washington Post, the latest excuse for our Fraud-in-Chief’s ineptitude:

African American men are taught at very young ages (or learn the hard way) to keep our emotions in check, to not lose our cool, lest we be perceived as dangerous or menacing or give someone a reason to doubt our ability to handle our jobs.

Poor obama — he daren’t show his emotions.  Like some stoic hero from an Alan Paton novel, Barack the Silent must fight his lonely crusade while hiding his true pathos behind an inscrutable mask.  A burden imposed on every black male in America whenever a Boston Police responds to a disturbance, a Lunch Lady breaks up a school fight, or an NFL ref calls a penalty for flagrant end-zone celebration.

The mystery is now solved. BO’s curious detachment, his seeming insensitivity to the suffering of others, is actually a noble trait.

That’s a relief!  Cuz it would totally suck if in actuality we’d elected someone who is utterly incompetent, has zero leadership qualities, and is saddled with some serious attachment issues & other psychological flaws, stemming from his fucked-up childhood, to boot.

Jonathan, step away from the kool-aid!  You voted for him simply because he was part black.  That was the only qualification you needed, and that was the only one you got. Not only are you a racist, you’re too big of a fool to realize that once you’ve dug yourself into a hole, you need to stop digging.  STFU already.

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