The Controlled Demolition of Joe Biden

January 22, 2023

Joe Biden’s usefulness to the Democrat Party is past.  Further, his imminent downfall due to his involvement in his son, Hunter’s, shady business dealings, threatens to wreak collateral damage to the entire Party.  So, as with a crumbling old building, the Dems are in the process of carefully bringing Biden down.  The manipulated, albeit real, classified document scandal is their Emulex.

A controlled demolition.  We’ve all seen one, and it’s a fascinating spectacle.  An aging, crumbling edifice is intentionally and carefully razed before it can collapse on its own, potentially causing great damage to other surrounding structures or even the loss of human life.

Engineers place explosives at critical points within the building.  Then, after everyone has moved away to a safe distance, the charges are denoted in sequence.  The old building falls in on itself, leaving all around it untouched.  The rubble is cleared and something new erected in its place.

This is precisely what is being done right now to Joe Biden’s presidency.

Setting the Charges

The discovery of classified documents in Joe Biden’s possession — some top secret and related to national security — is a very serious matter.  More and more keep popping up: in a private office and scattered about his Delaware home, including in a banker’s box laying around the garage, with “important docs” scribbled in Sharpie on the lid.

He’s had them for a very long time.  Some he took no later than 2017, when he was VP.  Others date back to his time in the Senate, and raise a serious question of how Biden ever got his hands on them, when members of Congress are subject to very strict protocols for viewing classified material, and never allowed to take possession of it.

So why now, after all these years, did his own lawyers suddenly stumble upon this hoard?  The timing is critical to understanding what’s really going on.

Classified material was, we are now told, first unearthed back on November 2, 2022, in Biden’s vice presidential office at the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement, a money laundering operation think tank funded by the Chinese Communist Party. The DOJ and White House secretly agreed to keep mum about it until after the midterms.

The lawyers poked around some more and found another handful of documents at Biden’s private residence. Those were the ones in the garage, next to the Stingray, which Hunter Biden, who apparently rented the house for $49,910 a month, used to borrow to drive around his underaged nieces/stepdaughters/girlfriends.

At this point, White House Spokesblacklesbian, Karine Jean-Pierre, assured the nation that the search was now completed.  Biden is cooperating and takes classified documents very seriously. It’s totally not at all like what Trump did.  These are not the droids you’re looking for.  Go forth now, and write the news stories we tell you to write.

But she was lying.  When the discovery of the first set of docs was announced, they’d already found the second, but neglected to mention them.  And then came the announcement that a third set of documents had been found inside the house after the search had supposedly been completely completed.

MSM, ever the Democrats’ obedient flying monkeys, suddenly changed their tune.  Abandoning their earlier mix of apologetics and disregard, now they are all in unison reporting non-stop on the fiasco and calling it a major fiasco. Charges detonated in sequence.

Why?  Because not only has Joe Biden long out-served his usefulness, like that decrepit old building, he’s in imminent danger of collapsing and causing splash damage.  Joe’s steadily deteriorating senile dementia can no longer be hidden.  The GOP-led House will be investigating the contents of Hunter’s laptop, and they will reveal that ‘The Big Guy’ was actively involved in, and the monetary beneficiary of, his family’s influence-peddling schemes, including deals with the CCP.  Further, so long as Joe remains standing, he’s in the way of new construction: namely, the presidential aspirations of more than a few powerful Democrats.  And lately, Joe has been talking more and more about running for reelection.

Watergate Redux, But Planned

So how does this play out?  These are serious felonies Biden has allegedly committed.  If convicted of them, he could spend the rest of his days in a Federal penitentiary.  But it will never come to that.  The Dems just need to get Joe out of the way without embarrassing the entire Party in the process.   No damage to surrounding structures.

When the Watergate scandal blew up in the GOP’s face, the Party leaders had a come-to-Jesus talk with Nixon:  ‘You are in so deep to be beyond redemption.  We in Congress will have no choice but to impeach & convict you. For the sake of the Party and for yourself, resign now.  In return, you’ll get a pardon and a library.’

And that is essentially what’s being laid out to Jill Biden — for it’s she who’s encouraging Joe to run again.  Sure, she’d love to play house in the White House for another 6 years wearing her Drapes of Tara dresses.  But preserving a shred of Joe’s legacy has gotta count for something. As matriarch of the Biden Crime Family, she’s also motivated to not watch as everyone goes to jail while all the assets are seized.

So Joe will be allowed one more State of the Union, to receive standing O’s from the Dems for delivering a series of fabulist stories and patently false statements.  Shortly thereafter — and I can’t see this going much past a month or so, as presidential campaign committees must be formed and first dibs on mega-donors taken — a (physical) medical condition will force Joe to resign.  The investigation into the classified docs will slow to a crawl.  If necessary, President Harris will issue the promised blanket pardon.  Or she might renege, cuz she’s a batshit crazy, loose cannon.

Rats & Pawns

If there was any doubt that the razing of Biden was imminent, it was removed by the announcement that Ron Klain, White House chief-of-staff and de facto head-of-state, would be resigning in the next few weeks.  The charges will only be detonated after everyone has moved away to a safe distance.

This may also explain why Jean-Pierre — easily the most atrociously bad PR person in the history of PR — has been allowed to flail & flounder for so long.  Jean-Pierre won’t be around much longer, so can be sacrificed, left behind like some Japanese grunt in a tunnel on Iwo Jima. Nor does it matter how poorly she spins this scandal: not only can no spin make it go away, the Dem powerlords don’t want it to go away.

Who’s Next?

The Dems had hoped to avoid elevating Kamala at all costs, but desperate times call for desperate measures.  Besides the potential for an administration on par with the reign of Emperor Commodus, there’s nothing stopping Kamala from running in 2024 and, were she to win, 2028.  Her dear old friend, Gavin Newsom, is an impatient man.  He’s premature in all he does.  Just ask Jerry Brown. Or Kimberly Guilfoyle.  So, the Dems must have some contingency plan to prevent Kamala from winning the primary.  Letting her open her mouth during the debates should do the trick.

Besides Governor Hair Gel, plenty of other hopefuls are unwilling to wait until 2032 for their shot at the White House.  Amy Klobuchar seems to be ramping up for another try; after her marquee internet censorship small journalism bill failed, she’s introduced ‘Free Britney’ legislation to regulate TicketMaster — anything to show she can get shit done.  But her ‘Amy in the middle’ schtick won’t work next time, not after foolishly going hard Left to appease her DNC masters who would never let her win anyway.  The chipmunk will likely also throw his hat into the ring, notwithstanding his complete failure as Secretary of Transportation.  Because for his ilk (i.e., elitist parasites) utter incompetence is never a bar to seeking positions of power. Surely there will be others as well. (Watch for smoke signals rising above Cambridgeport.) Sadly, octogenarian Bernie Sanders has indicated he won’t run again, a disappointment to the entire Pacific Northwest and to all my friends who miss my impression of him.  Still, the upcoming Democrat primary season should be almost as droll a clown car as the last one.

It will be interesting to see how things unfold, but one thing is certain:  Joe Biden is going down and soon.

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