Feminist Prehistory

March 13, 2010
Littleisis, our fellow true liberal and bearer of the Liberal Rapture standard, writes about an exhibit of prehistoric artifacts which have been interpreted by some to indicate the existence of ancient matriarchal societies.  These goddess-worshipping cultures were supposedly peaceful and egalitarian, until being obliterated by invasions of patriarchal, hunter-warrior dudes.  Most experts dismiss these theories as fanciful and unsupported by the evidence.
This is a subject over which littleisis and tamerlane have locked minotaur horns before.  We both advocate gender-equality in modern society, but differ over accepting what tamerlane considers bad pseudoscience that only embarrasses feminists.
Pop on over to Liberal Rapture and decide for yourself.  Littleisis is a witty writer & an astute observer of politics and culture, and always worth a visit.